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Desmond Bernstein, PT, DPT is certified in Advanced Integrative Dry Needling.  Dry needling is a technique where a dry needle (meaning no medication or injection is used) is placed into a muscle. Dry needling is performed over areas of the body that have some sort of tissue dysfunction. For example, dry needling may be used to address increased tone, painful areas in the body, or to improve mobility of scar tissue. Desmond views dry needling as a tool to improve pain or tissue mobility in order to work towards a patient’s goals for improved function in movement and everyday activities. The number of treatments vary based on progress. A person may need only one treatment, or may need to periodic dry needling during the course of their care for more chronic conditions. When considering whether to incorporate dry needling Desmond always performs an assessment of physical function and medical history to determine if this will be an appropriate and effective addition.

Desmond has been certified for Advanced Integrative Dry Needling, which required 50+ hours of training to obtain.  Here are a few benefits of Dry Needling:

 Relax tight muscles
 Improve blood flow
 Decrease pain & release neurotransmitters
 Improve movement
 Treat chronic pain