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Neuro and Brain Performance Centers provides wheelchair assessments for clients all across Maricopa County and Arizona. We work with many local vendors to help our clients get set up with the best fit.

Why do you need a scooter or wheelchair assessment?

In most cases insurance companies require a physical therapist evaluation when obtaining a new wheelchair or scooter. Neuro and Brain Performance Centers work closely with all wheelchair companies and doctors in town, in order to provide the needed evaluations and recommendations. We can meet in the clinic, or go to the patient's homes to perform wheelchair assessments.

This allows for timely paperwork and claim submissions and ordering of equipment, which facilitates delivery of the needed wheelchair as quickly as possible.

What is a wheelchair assessment?

A wheelchair assessment measures your clinical needs and a prescription is made for the right wheelchair for you. The assessment will
take into account your lifestyle and environment.  A proper fitting wheelchair is important to increasing comfort and ease of use.

Do you think you need a wheelchair assessment?  Contact Neuro and Brain Performance Centers at 480-719-8080 and we will set you up with one of our trained providers and put you in contact with local equipment distributors to make sure you are setup correctly!