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Welcome Chaz and Russell

Chaz on left, Russell on right

As a clinical internship facility, we have the opportunity to host some great students.  We welcome Chaz Smith and Russell Nettlow from A.T Stills University.  Both are pursuing their Doctorate in Physical Therapy.  As part of their education they are required to perform clinical rotations in multiple physical therapy settings.  They will both be with us for the next 10 weeks.

Meet Chaz

Chaz was born and raised in Mesa and attended Mountain View High School.  With an interest in the health and medical field he acquired his Bachelors in Biology at Grand Canyon University.  Having had his own personal experience with physical therapy, he decided to pursue his Doctorate in Physical Therapy at A.T. Stills University.  He enjoys running, puzzles and spending time with family.

Meet Russell

Russell was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska where he attended Dimond High School.  He chose this career path because he knew he wanted to go in to healthcare but he also loved being a tutor. He found that physical therapy satisfied his urge to teach as well as his passion for healthcare.  He acquired his Bachelors in Biochemistry and is pursuing his Doctorate in Physical Therapy at A.T. Stills University. His hobbies include training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, attending music festivals, playing video games, and playing board games with friends.


Sports Pre-concussion

Sports Pre-Concussion Screenings

Are you ready for your Sports Season?

This year has been difficult for the youth athlete.  With most sports having been postponed since the Spring of this year, many of these youth athletes are trying to get back into shape and ready for the Fall sports season.  Pre-screening with Physicals are an important part of this preparation. Performing a baseline concussion screenings should be part of any athletes preparation for their sport.

Brain Performax Pre-Concussion Screening

Baseline screenings provide pre-injury information used as a comparison when a concussion occurs. We use the latest technology and testing to provide an extremely comprehensive pre-concussion baseline.This includes:

  • Cognitive Assessment
  • Balance Tests
  • Visual/Vestibular Exam
  • Optional QEEG

Offering Sports Pre-Concussion Screening Saturday September 12th, 8am-12pm

Neuro & Brain Performance Centers is offering Sports Pre-Concussion Screenings on Saturday August 29th between 8am-12pm.  This is offered to any youth athlete and will be by appointment only.  The Pre-Concussion Screening is a great tool for athletes to use if they experience a concussion.  It will help with the rehabilitation and provides objective feedback for parents and coaches before the youth athlete returns to sport. The comprehensive assessment will take about 45 minutes to complete.  Fill out the registration form below and our office will contact you to schedule.

When: September 12th (8am-12pm)

Where: Our office at 6840 E. Brown Rd. #104 Mesa, AZ 85207

Cost: $25/athlete


Pre-Concussion Registration
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Governor Ducey Executive Order

On March 23, 2020 Governor Ducey signed an Executive Order prohibiting the closure of “Essential Services”.  As a healthcare provider, we fall under this mandate and will remain open and continue to serve our patients.

Neurological vs. Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Not all rehabilitation is the same.  Understanding the difference can help a patient find the most effective care for treating a specific condition.  Many of our patients come from physical therapy clinics that specialize in orthopedic rehabilitation and are redirected to our clinic because we specialize in neurological conditions or the patient sought us out because the treatment they were getting at the orthopedic clinic wasn’t effective.  So what is the difference between Neurological vs. Orthopedic rehabilitation.

How does Interactive Metronome work?

Have you ever noticed that you often are able to wake up the same time in the morning, even though you don’t have an alarm waking you up? Or watched a baseball player hitting a seemingly impossibly fast pitch?  It is the internal clock in our brain that is assisting us make these calculations and it does so at various intervals: microseconds, milliseconds, seconds, minutes, and hours?