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Sports Pre-concussion

Sports Pre-Concussion Screenings

Are you ready for your Sports Season?

This year has been difficult for the youth athlete.  With most sports having been postponed since the Spring of this year, many of these youth athletes are trying to get back into shape and ready for the Fall sports season.  Pre-screening with Physicals are an important part of this preparation. Performing a baseline concussion screenings should be part of any athletes preparation for their sport.

Brain Performax Pre-Concussion Screening

Baseline screenings provide pre-injury information used as a comparison when a concussion occurs. We use the latest technology and testing to provide an extremely comprehensive pre-concussion baseline.This includes:

  • Cognitive Assessment
  • Balance Tests
  • Visual/Vestibular Exam
  • Optional QEEG

Offering Sports Pre-Concussion Screening Saturday September 12th, 8am-12pm

Neuro & Brain Performance Centers is offering Sports Pre-Concussion Screenings on Saturday August 29th between 8am-12pm.  This is offered to any youth athlete and will be by appointment only.  The Pre-Concussion Screening is a great tool for athletes to use if they experience a concussion.  It will help with the rehabilitation and provides objective feedback for parents and coaches before the youth athlete returns to sport. The comprehensive assessment will take about 45 minutes to complete.  Fill out the registration form below and our office will contact you to schedule.

When: September 12th (8am-12pm)

Where: Our office at 6840 E. Brown Rd. #104 Mesa, AZ 85207

Cost: $25/athlete


Pre-Concussion Registration
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