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Neurological vs. Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Not all rehabilitation is the same.  Understanding the difference can help a patient find the most effective care for treating a specific condition.  Many of our patients come from physical therapy clinics that specialize in orthopedic rehabilitation and are redirected to our clinic because we specialize in neurological conditions or the patient sought us out because the treatment they were getting at the orthopedic clinic wasn’t effective.  So what is the difference between Neurological vs. Orthopedic rehabilitation.

How does Interactive Metronome work?

Have you ever noticed that you often are able to wake up the same time in the morning, even though you don’t have an alarm waking you up? Or watched a baseball player hitting a seemingly impossibly fast pitch?  It is the internal clock in our brain that is assisting us make these calculations and it does so at various intervals: microseconds, milliseconds, seconds, minutes, and hours?