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Neuro and Brain Performance Centers offer speech therapy at our Mesa location. It is an integral part of our neurological rehabilitation services.


What is Speech Therapy?

There are many reasons why you might have a speech or language problem. Some problems start in childhood. Others happen after an illness or injury. Speech-language pathologists, or SLPs, can help.

Our speech therapy services treat:

  • Apraxia – A motor speech disorder that makes it hard to speak. It can take a lot of work to learn to say sounds and words better.
  • Dysarthia – A speech disorder caused by muscle weakness.
  • Stuttering – Talking to people can be hard if you stutter. You may get stuck on certain words or sounds. You may feel tense or uncomfortable. You might change words to avoid stuttering.
  • Dementia – A disorder that causes memory loss and problems thinking. These problems will get worse over time. There are treatments that can slow down dementia.
  • Laryngeal/Oral Cancer – Cancer treatment in the throat and mouth can effect speech and eating.
  • Tramatic Brain Injury – A traumatic brain injury, or TBI, can cause speech, language, thinking, and swallowing problems.