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Duane is one of the founders of Neuro & Brain Performance Centers.  He brings a strong background to neuro rehabilitation with over 17 years of experience

Duane graduated from University of Utah with a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy

He began working in skilled nursing then entered middle management of a national rehab company supervising physical therapists throughout Utah, Idaho and Wyoming.

Professional Achievements
He serves as President of Neuro and Brain Community Foundation, Board member of the Next Step Foundation, and Will 2 Walk Foundation. He is the co-founder of Camp With A Ramp, a regular volunteer with Lifewaters Foundation for adapted scuba diving, Day On The Lake with Barrows Neurological Institute, AZ Spinal Cord Injury Association, and Camp Can Do with the Brain Injury Alliance. He is also an AT Still University Clinical Instructor of the year.

Therapist Qualifications

 Bachelor of Science Physical Therapy
 Certified Big and Loud (LSVT)
 Certified PWR4LIFE
 Certified  Adaptive Scuba Dive Buddy

Duane Blau, PT

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